Enjoy Health and Fitness Terms & Conditions


You agree to sign a waiver form with Enjoy Health and Fitness.

Minimum age is 18 years of age.

This is a weekly direct debit no contract membership.

Membership fees are paid in advance weekly.

Failed payments incur a $5.00 administration fee, as well as a $14.80 failed payment fee outlined below under the Ezidebit Service Agreement. It is your responsibility to have sufficient funds in your account to avoid the dishonour fee. 



To apply for a suspension, you must submit a suspension application form via our website. We will provide you with the link.

You can suspend your membership for up to 6 weeks in total each calendar year. We require at least 2 weeks notice before the suspension commencement date.

A one off $10.00 administration fee will be direct debited from your account for each suspension.

Minimum suspension period is 2 weeks.

Suspensions cannot be backdated.

Members cannot use the facilities while they are on suspension.

Your membership cannot be suspended if you have outstanding fees.

Failure to meet conditions above will result in your suspension application being rejected.

Exceptions apply to injuries (a doctor’s certificate must be provided).



To cancel your membership, you must submit a cancellation application form via our website. We will provide you with the link.

We require at least 4 weeks notice to cancel your membership.

You can continue to attend our classes while you’re on your 4 weeks’ notice cancellation period, up until the expiry date of your membership.

A one off $10.00 administration fee will be direct debited from your account.

Outstanding fees must be paid in advance prior to cancelling your membership.

PLEASE NOTE:  You cannot apply to suspend your membership in the four weeks leading up to a cancellation.



Putting your membership on hold ensures that you keep your current membership rate when you decide to re-join Enjoy Health and Fitness. You can put your membership on hold for up to 3 months. A one off $10 administration fee, plus a one off up-front $99 membership holding fee will be charged from your nominated account. You will not be required to pay a joining fee once rejoining Enjoy Health and Fitness. To put your membership on hold, please send us an email with your request or come and speak to us.

If you wish to rejoin Enjoy Health and Fitness and have not put your membership on hold prior to cancelling your membership, you will need to pay a $99 joining fee and you will need to choose a new membership plan as your current membership plan and rate will be voided once you cancel your membership.



Please note that all fees are not refundable.