What is Functional Training?

Functional training develops exercises which allows you to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injury.
Main focus is to strengthen the core, and lower back.

Our Classes

Our classes incorporate the 7 functional movements. Using the squat, Lunge, Push, Pull, Hinge, Twist and Gait.
From beginner to advance, we cater for all fitness levels. We incorporate strength, boxing, high intensity, endurance all in the one. Every session is different so the variety keeps you feeling challenged. Most importantly our classes are a lot of fun, and the atmosphere is incredible. We also like to mix it up and take our classes outside to the beautiful Prince Alfred park located in the heart of Surry Hills. So what are you waiting for? Start training today!
*No classes on Sundays and Public Holidays, rest is important too!
10 stations of 45 second intervals offers a great variety of exercises that gets your blood pumping. From box jumps to battle ropes, from sit ups, to kettle bell swings, it really is a full body work out!
Strength & Conditioning
Learn how to perform the perfect squat, learn how to use the correct muscles when doing a pull up, and get ready to work as a team in pairs. With 2 trainers on you will not be aloud to rest, and we will make sure you perform every exercise with correct form and posture. One of the favourite classes by our members.
Learn how to train like a professional boxer! With 33 fights under his belt, Juan delivers one of the best boxing experiences in Sydney. Lia also has some tricks up her sleeves with her intense fitness boxing. She is also a professional boxing pad holder. We recommend you try the most popular class on Saturdays and watch them both box it out. Learn technique, learn how to move, it really is a lot of fun!
EHF Signature
What we do best, functional training! EHF signature was designed 5 years ago by master trainer Juan, and it has not left our board. Mixing it up with high intensity movements and repeating these movements just when you thought it was over, delivers a good punch to end the work out! Everyone must try this class. We incorporate body weight movements that really make you sweat it out!
Tabata HIIT
High intensity interval training is by far the the most challenging classes out of them all, cardio vascular wise. We use TABATA timing that using 100% effort. This class is also for beginners so don’t be afraid, give it ago and challenge yourself. A great class for the myzone heart rate monitor.
Are you up for a challenge? Then bench mark Fridays is for you! Similar to CrossFit, we create work outs that make you compete against yourself weekly for that month. Just like a fitness test, watch your scores improve weekly. After all, a little bit of competitiveness never hurt nobody.

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