About Us


Enjoy Health & Fitness is more than just a gym. It’s a community of support for health and wellbeing. Equipped as a functional training studio, the EHF facility offers a comprehensive range of weights, cross trainers and a variety of cardiovascular equipment from spin bikes, rowers to boxing bags.

A family owned and operated business, Enjoy Health & Fitness is run by the Fratti brothers. Juan & Antonio’s combined passions have made for steady success in growing EHF. The facility & community has continued to evolve over time in line with their vision since taking over the establishment in 2017.


Our Approach

At Enjoy Health & Fitness, the team is dedicated to giving clients a well rounded fitness experience. It’s our primary goal to help you achieve balance in physical and mental health by forming long term positive health habits, and ultimately be the best version of yourself.

We run an extensive timetable of Group Classes day to day covering Strength & Conditioning, Boxing, High Intensity & Endurance and Yoga. Additionally, we offer Personal Training and Individualised Programs as well as Corporate Group Training.


The heart and soul of EHF are its members – without them there would be no gym. Every member is just as important as the next and we all know each other by name. We support each other through training hard together, pushing each other to be better and every now and then we team up to participate in athletic events such as Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and Fitness Retreats. Equally as important, we know how to let our hair down and enjoy time together outside the gym.