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At Enjoy Health & Fitness, the team is dedicated to giving clients a well rounded fitness experience. It’s our primary goal to help you achieve balance in physical and mental health by forming long term positive health habits, and ultimately be the best version of yourself.

We run an extensive timetable of Group Classes day to day covering Strength & Conditioning, Boxing, High Intensity & Endurance and more. Additionally, we offer Personal Training and Individualised Programs as well as Corporate Group Training.

Our Classes


Known to be one of the most time effective workouts, boxing works the cardiovascular and endurance systems simultaneously. It’s an intensive workout for the upper body, lower body and core. Incorporating a variety of movements including punching, kicking and jumping, boxing improves balance, coordination, agility and reactivity.


10 stations run at 45 second intervals three rounds through. Stations vary week to week from box jumps to battle ropes, from sit ups, to kettlebell swings. Designed to build muscular endurance and develop strength, exercises are performed in rotation with minimal rests taken in between.


Regular strength and conditioning training improves mobility, cardiac functions, bone density and elevated levels of good cholesterol in the body.  Exercises typically involve weights, dumbells and/or resistance of other kinds such as elastic tension for increasing muscle strength. Clients are teamed in pairs and assist each other in performing variations of the squat, pull ups and deadlifts.


This Signature workout was designed by Master Fitness Trainer Juan Fratti when Enjoy Health and Fitness first opened its doors. With a focus on functional fitness, this class follows a structure of rounds timed at 1 minute, 6 minutes and 14 minutes and then back. Exercises involves high intensity movements and the body weight for a guaranteed sweaty session.


Tabata training is one of the most common forms of high intensity interval training. It consists of eight rounds of ultra-high-intensity exercises in a specific 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off interval. Classes will involve a set of exercises as it only takes four minutes to complete one station, but in those four minutes the body is pushed to its absolute limit.


Are you up for a challenge? Then Friday’s Crossfit is for you! We create work outs that make you compete against yourself weekly for that month. Just like a fitness test, watch your scores improve weekly. After all, a little bit of competitiveness never hurt nobody.

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